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When your working income and staking income reaches to 200% then you can re-top up your ID.


Marketing, Branding, Technology, These Three Words Describe (Matic Staking program) in Best Way. We are self - Taught Marketer with 15 Years of Experice in the field of Marketing and Technology and over 10 years of Experience in the field of Crypto.

Helping Startups, IT Companies and small businesses to Enhance Their Business Through Technology.

On A Mission to Help small Businesses to Be a Brand.

Your trusted crypto Staking

Here at matic staking program, we are committed to user protection with strict protocols and industry-leading technical measures. Collectively, we are building the future we want to see. Join the matic staking program community to build faster, smarter, and without limits.

Tech driven
Working at matic staking program Labs means you have the opportunity to develop cutting edge technology with some of the best minds in Web3.
Diversity & Inclusivity
matic staking program Labs is a team of diverse, passionate (and super smart) contributors in over 40 countries. We are building a future where Web3 is for everyone across the globe.
Remote first
We believe in the future of work. Our teams are made up of contributors across 15+ time zones. We empower our teams to work smarter, not harder, with async-first communication and a culture of trust and


Basic package

100$ TO 2500$ 0.50% DAILY 400 DAYS 200% IT MEANS 15% MONTHLY 7.5% PROFIT 7.5% PRINCIPAL

Advance package

2501$ TO 10000$ 0.75% DAILY 267 DAYS 200% IT MEANS 22% MONTHLY 11% PROFIT 11% PRINCIPAL

Diamond package

10001$ TO 49999$1% DAILY 200 DAYS 200% IT MEANS 30% MONTHLY 15% PROFIT 15% PRINCIPAL